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One of the biggest challenges as an internet marketer and SEO specialist is to deal with link toxicity. Google over the course of several updates has made it near impossible to build links that help a website or particular page to rank high. In a bid to remove spammy websites and deliver accurate results Google has made link building a nearly impossible task. Anybody who has done SEO knows how stressful it can become when all of a sudden their ranking drops owing to a link that they thought was good. But how does an SEO specialist figure out which link was toxic?

To help fix the problem, I went on to develop software of my own. The challenge when designing the software was to define a metric or feature which would help identify potentially toxic links. The software has so far been used successfully by my own SEO agency. Almost all the kinks have been worked out to the point where it is near perfection. 

Many of the people who work for me have provided a great deal of feedback which has helped improve Link Tracker Pro significantly to the point where I can now release it to the public.

It would be selfish of me to try and keep something so useful to myself. So, in the interest of giving back to the community, this software is available to use by both SEO professionals and curious individuals alike.

We promise that Link Tracker Pro will if anything help you save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours’ worth of frustration. You will be able to focus on building quality links which help you rank faster. It is for all intents and purposes a game changer; it can also be your secret weapon though we doubt that it will remain a secret for much longer.

To everyone who uses Link Tracker Pro, we invite them to provide us with feedback. Good feedback can help us further improve and iron out the bugs if they are any. We would also like to hear from you about potential features. After all, we want the software to grow with you, and meet your agency’s demands to ensure far better SEO.

We are sure that with Link Tracker Pro on your side Google will be your best friend. If anything, you won’t even need to take all the risks which are otherwise associated with link building. So, it’s a win-win situation.

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Israel Gaudette


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Philipp Stäuble

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